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  • Winner Winner
  • West palm beach with Chris from Velocity West palm beach with Chris from Velocity
  • Susie's so good she doesn't even need to pedal. Susie's so good she doesn't even need to pedal.
  • This is the life. This is the life.
  • Miami Beach! Miami Beach!
  • Back seat boogie Back seat boogie
  • William Wallace Night William Wallace Night
  • Man o'war jellyfish, stingy. Man o'war jellyfish, stingy.
  • Last ride into Miami Last ride into Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale beach Fort Lauderdale beach
  • Florida everglades Florida everglades
  • Cycle faster... Cycle faster...
  • Road kill Road kill
  • 'Beer Pong' 'Beer Pong'
  • Solarcycling Solarcycling
  • Dead end! Dead end!
  • That's more like it. That's more like it.
  • Alien face hugger... Alien face hugger...
  • Sunshine state indeed! Sunshine state indeed!
  • Lovely conditions in Florida Lovely conditions in Florida


Just about recovered after the return party. Thanks to everyone for the welcome home! Leisurly bike ride today? British weather says no.
Mon, 22 Feb 2010 10:46:01 +0000

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The Finish Line

February 22nd, 2010 by Jamie

We managed to complete our round the world trip and not even get run over. Quite an achievement even if I do say so myself… I was sure I was going to get run over at least once! I’ve updated all of our ‘Cycling Stats’. For anyone still interested in how far we cycled here’s [...]

On your marks. Get set…

February 15th, 2010 by Jamie

‘Woefully underprepared’ is the only way to describe our first ever cycle race. We had entered a 12 hour endurance race in Sebring  to mark the end of our trip through the States. At the time of entering it was a great idea, with only a few minutes until the off, it suddenly didn’t seem such a fantastic plan.   A grand total of 4 [...]

Cocktails, South Beach and legendary Scottish warriors…

February 8th, 2010 by Susie

Just under the 9 month target and today is the day we hit Miami South Beach, Florida. What a ride. Technically we aren’t actually going to be home until the 19th as we have signed up to do a 12 hour endurance race next weekend (of course – what else would you do after cycling round [...]

It’s the final countdown

February 1st, 2010 by Susie

We’re going to Miami… Seems so strange, after 159 days of pedaling, over 13,000 miles on the clock and one small incident of man handling Orlando Bloom yesterday, our last stop  is just a hop skip and a jump away. Well, a 180 mile pedal through the rain at least (damnations, why? evil weather. where is the sun?) [...]

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